Shamanic Healing

PASH Personal Awareness Self Healing with Clare J Shaman

“Spirituality is my way of life. I believe, by touching the hearts of many we can expand the consciousness of the planet, because we are all one energetically.


I am dedicated to helping myself and others, within everyday life, to connect to higher planes of being and peace.


I have been through 1000 books worth of sh*t in my life. Two auto immune diseases, depression, anxiety, trauma, eating disorders and not knowing what to eat or how much, food sensitivities, stored negativity, the list goes on…….


I have learnt from ALL of it, and i’m not pretending that i have it all sorted, either, I am human and i do my best with every experience that i have on this planet. I have learnt from the best and been healing my entire life.


If we think for a minute we know it all, then we close ourselves off to possibility.


I love honesty, truth and try to live with integrity and be the best version of myself. I don’t believe in right or wrong, good or bad, just choices and the here and now.


I strongly believe in meditation to raise IQ, help develop both sides of the brain hemispheres, relax, energise and rejuvenate the body and organs. This is done by harnessing and collecting chi through stillness, good technique, dedication and practice.


By servicing the body and mind you are delivering light, love and positivity back to yourself, which will glow through you and energise cells, skin and your entire being.


I always advise taking time for yourself to delve into the deeper beauty and creativeness of this wonderful simulated reality. Learn and play is the order of today.



Clare J Shaman

Oh great spirit, may we receive healing in Essex, healing in Suffolk and healing in all of East Anglia. Shamanic Healing be thy vehicle to healing all need your love. The greatest healers are here on this earth right now, spreading energy healing to the people. Changing the way we think with life coaching. Using our minds and the knowledge and wisdom of now in spiritual life coaching to alter the future and consciousness of man, woman and our next generation. Thy Shaman, Thy Shamaness give shamanic healing to the earth to shower universal life force energy through shamanic healing into the physical body, use life coaching for the mind, energy healing and shamanic healing for the soul. We are devoted to you. Bless this SEO poem to bring all those that need shamanic healing to my door. I am the vehicle for self healing, to teach all those how shamanic healing and life coaching can bring peace into their lives. Healing East Anglia, healing Suffolk and healing Essex with incredible power and love. Let shamanic healing be thy guide as we devote our minds to life coaching and lift the lives and futures of ALL!  

Healing Essex, healing Manningtree, healing Colchester, healing Suffolk and healing East Anglia.

Powerful Shamanic Healer & Life Coach Clare J

Life Coaching in person or online. Locations for life coaching in Manningtree, life coaching in Essex, Life coaching in Suffolk, Life Coaching in East Anglia!