Empowerment Healing

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Empowerment healing is for achieving and manifesting your desires. This session will get you motivated and call into your vortex what it is that you truly want.

Often used for quitting smoking and addictions, doubling your income, weight loss, pain relief, stress and motivation with achieving any goal.  

This is an energetic soul cleanse and is extremely powerful. You will find new cognitive shifts and re-align to the power and potential within you. Leaving you feeling energised, aligned and clear.

I use Empowerment Therapy to make your dreams and desires a reality. 
Firstly we energetically prepare the body and then the mind. Its a bit like those sports teams you hear about doing training in their minds before playing the game and it ups their performance. We set the energetic context so that you can live it in your reality with ease. An absolute must for goal setting & self belief. 

By healing all aspects of yourself you will find you are capable of manifesting and creating the life you desire! 

    The value of who you become from using healing to embody your true purpose is out of this world. 

    Empowerment Healing: £1 1 1 

    Includes cognitive repair & mental shifts as well as energy healing.

    How do we get to know ourselves and what we really want out of this life.

    I am here to help you.

    How do we really manifest and start to live the life of our dreams?

    It is possible, and I will show you how.

    This healing involves the use of a shakapa and ancient shamanic songs called Icaros. You will be sung over and energised with this sacred shamanic plant. Techniques are used for the mind to make sure that you are integrated properly with the shamanic energy so that your body and mind are both in balance for the empowerment. 

    Great for breaking through any feelings of low energy, I can’t or i’m not enough, limiting beliefs that are in your way and causing you to feel stuck and stagnant in life. 

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