Cacao Circles

It is your birth right to live your happiness

Sacred Cacao Circle 1pm – 5pm

Dates 2020:
January 5th
April 4th
May 2nd
August 1st 
October 4th 

Address: THE YURT in Lawford, ESSEX, CO11 2JA

Wear comfortable clothes
Instrument to play if you have one
Voice to sing
Your open heart to love deeper

Sacred circle is a very empowering event. Being witnessed and seen in a group is profound. The amplified feild of the circle is used for strengthning the intensions you have come with. It can be used for achieving and manifesting your desires. This group session will get you grounded and call into your vortex what it is that you truly want.

Often group and community work is very healing for insecuritues, healing our shadow selves, healing isolation habits such as addictions. Intensions can be very strong with a group field so things like, doubling your income, weight loss, pain relief, stress and motivation will be heightened, if done effectively. 

This sacred Cacao is not a stimulant and won’t have a caffine effect like some do, the feeling is very grounding and pure. It’s great for re-align you to the power and potential within you. Leaving you feeling energised, aligned and clear.

You will also receive group healing, this involves the use of a shakapa and ancient shamanic songs called Icaros. You will be sung over and energised with this sacred shamanic plant. Techniques are used for the mind to make sure that you are integrated properly with the shamanic energy so that your body and mind are both in balance for the empowerment. 

Great for breaking through any feelings of low energy, I can’t or i’m not enough, limiting beliefs that are in your way and causing you to feel stuck and stagnant in life. 

    The value of who you become from attending sacred circle and using this portal to embody your true purpose is out of this world.

    How do we get to know ourselves and what we really want out of this life.

    How do we really manifest and start to live the life of our dreams?

    It is possible, and I will show you how.

    By healing all aspects of yourself you will find you are capable of manifesting and creating the life you desire!

    As a shamaness I work with the energy of nature and that is where my journey started. It’s only in more recent years that my connection to space and multi dimensions has really blossomed. 

    This is why I work specifically with this Cacao because it has both these elements to it. This drink will ground you into your body as well as open up channels to the mystical. At least this has been my experience. 

    What I will be doing is combining the ceremony with a heart iQ circle. This will involve some training and some coaching to make sure you get the best from your experience. 

    No previous experience is necessary at all. If you have never tried Cacao before that’s fine. Perhaps you have or have heard about it, and people have said it’s a very stimulating feeling like caffeine. This is the case with some cacao pastes YES, but NOT this one. I have chosen it specifically for this reason. 

    If’s its too stimulating and poppy, it will throw you out of your body in an anxiety type reaction. I don’t want this to happen, it is the opposite of what I want to do in my circle. 

    My work is about bringing people into their bodies, teaching embodied awareness techniques and having people experience the holy present moment. This is where the magic is. This is HEAVEN on earth. It may sound very simple but if you think that, then you need a fuller experience of presence. It’s LIFE FORCE itself and it’s like a gateway to an extraordinary life. 

    People ask how you connect with your souls purpose….. this is how. 

    How do you read achasic records? How do you talk with nature and with spirits? Where does psychic ability come from? It ALL comes from this GATEWAY. This is the door into your higher self, into super powers and into a heaven existence on earth. This is why I will be teaching it.