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Shamanic Healing with Sacred MESA.

This profoundly powerful work is for healing mental and physical disease, emotional pain, addiction, fear & stress.

Realising all your blocks, getting out of your own way, extracting trauma out of the body and releasing suppressed emotions enables healing on all levels. 

You will discover what is blocking you and hidden beneath in the unconscious mind. It may be something that you thought was totally unrelated that is contributing to the issue you have come for. It is truly powerful to discover what it is, your soul is asking you. You will always get exactly what you need out of any session. Burst into Joy and UNDERSTAND YOU! 

Energy Themes  Could Be:
Soul Retrieval
Past Live Threads
Contract Cutting
Ancestral Karma

It is now scientifically proven that the cells of the body store memories. We release the stories and the memories out of the body as well as the mind. When you go to therapy and talk about the issue, it may return or still cause disease because the body remembers. We release from the body as well as the mind so that the soul can fully step into its purpose and alignment.

This treatment will literally unwind you so that you can release the route cause of stress, trauma, pain and illness from the very core. Then the body is free to heal and restore life, leaving you with vitality, comfort and a new sense of being.

We all carry beliefs and behaviours conditions from childhood, things we have been taught, culture and community, sometimes these beliefs cause patterns that are not serving us. This can cause unbalance and in time create disease or illness in parts of the physical body and or mind. Once you decide to do something about confronting these issues and putting your money, time and energy into YOU!

Your ability to manifest and embody the life and person you have always dreamed of becomes a swift reality.


I specialise in Shamanic Healing. The best way to describe this is like a mix of spiritual healing and counselling or therapy for cognitive shifts to occur in the brain.

It has now been scientifically proven that the body stores memory. So trauma, suppressed emotion, fears, negativity and pain can all be held in the cells of our physical body as well as in our brains.

What I do is to remove the trauma, pain, block, or stored stress out of the body as well as out of the mind.

You can sometimes call cognitive shifts an A HA moment or when you realise something you hadn’t thought of before. Its like connecting the dots within us. We all have certain beliefs, values and programming from birth, our DNA, society and all the experiences that we have had in this life time. Everything is stored in the subconscious mind, playing out our reality as we experience it daily.

This profound work, gets you literally unstuck and free’s your mind, body and soul.

If you had just spiritual healing on its own. The pattern or the belief that caused the issue would still remain in the mind, leaving your subconscious to fall into the same trap time and time again. You often hear people say, I just have bad taste in men, or I keep making the same choice without realising. Sometimes Its the same for disease in our body, that we keep getting again and again. I had x2 autoimmune diseases until I realised that I would just keep getting the same issues until I really figured out how to HEAL COMPLETELY.

If you had just counselling or CBT therapy for the mind and talked through the issue, come to realise your behaviour and understand a bit more about the decisions you make in your life. Your body would still be storing the previous memories, stories and trauma’s. Making the anxiety and depression very challenging to get out of the mind, for they are still held within the body in the cell memory.

This exceptional way that I work, brings everything into focus and provides healing mentally, physically and energetically. Giving you everything you need in one session to get your soul and higher self the alignment and cleansing it has been waiting for.

Shamanic Therapy can heal any aspect of your life because it works with your subconscious programming. Whether that is money issues, a health condition, stress and anxiety or relationships. We can uncover the programming and the cause to why this is blocking your life. Using powerful healing techniques and ancient knowledge learnt from Inca decedents the Q’ero people.

The power of this healing is held by their ancestors and strong lineage. It is designed to release stored trauma and suppressed emotions from the body, as this is often what is causing anxiety and disease.

I am a very honoured to have such a gift for connecting to the shamanic ancestral lineage.
I am so grateful for this profound gift and now work daily in the energy world and continue to bring peace and understanding to all whom I see.

Shamanic Healing
45 mins: £65
90mins £88

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