Clare J Chater

Shamaness & Spiritual Life Coach

I have highly developed clairsentience, so I can sense energy beyond the physical, i’m so sensitive to emotions and feelings to the point of extrasensory perceptions. My life’s purpose is to help others get in touch with their authentic feelings through working with me, which opens up channels to their own subconscious wisdom.

I have a modern approach to spirituality and healing but have learnt from the old masters and ancient ways. Studying the Q’ero Inca Shamans (Paqos) knowledge from Peru, Japanese traditions in Reiki and Indian Spirituality mantra’s and Sanskrit. I have extensive knowledge, having walked the road myself and formed an intensely strong connection with source over the years.

I work with mostly Peruvian techniques in healing, but integrating all my knowledge from Indian and Japanese methods to give all my healings such power and integrity. I have recieved sacred rites that align me to the earth and the cosmos beyond our world, which I feel strengthen my lineage to the Q’ero Paqos priests in the mountains of Peru.

My shamanic work brings all these teachings to focus and work on how this will be effecting your mind, body and your life. Shamanic healing works with the mind, body and soul to create shifts, clear illness and awaken cells that are not functioning.

I’m always learning from myself and my daily experiences. Everything is energy, we have the choice to shift it, and experience the most beautiful dance with our energetic universe.


  • 1st BA Hons Degree
  • Shamanic Practitioner Sungate Qualifications
  • Reiki Levels 1, 2 & 3 Masters
  • Thought Field Therapy TFT (Tapping)
  • Life Coaching Diploma
  • Certified Hypnotherapist



  • Skie Hummingbird of Sungate Community
  • Don Mareano Q’ero Paqos Priest
  • Stephen Turoff, Spiritual Master & Phychic Surgeon
  • Charles Stone Founder of TFT
  • Eric Pepin of Higher Balance Institute

My Story

I believe everyone is born with spiritual gifts and the capability to heal, but some of us choose to strengthen and harness these gifts. Everyone is capable of healing and healing themselves, which is what I am here to teach.

At age 9 I was diagnosed with auto immune disease, ulcerative colitis. I remember self healing with colours, I would put my hands on my belly and all these colours in my minds eye would fill up my intestine and move with my hands around my stomach. I would tell myself it would be O.K and I thought I was just being kind to myself, (although I secretly hoped that it would go away.) I didn’t realise at the time but I was performing spiritual healing on myself, you could call it Reiki or Energy Healing or even speaking with Angels because I would. I would ask the Angels to help me and to protect me and I would feel emotions and see colours in my minds eye and feel this energy moving through me. I would also do lots of crying, just tears streaming down my face and I wasn’t sure why, because I wasn’t sad for myself or the fact that I was ill. It was more of a release or a beautiful crying experience, not something you would imagine from a 9 year old. I have cried like that since and found it so beautiful, when I was 9 It was like it was just happening and I didn’t have an opinion of it, I was just experiencing.

Spirituality isn’t something I talked about at that age to my friends, it was just for me. I remember my dad asking me a question about my thoughts on the universe when I was 12 years old and my answer was, “I believe there are 6 cycles of re-incarnation, or 6 levels to the game if you like.” (stages 7, 8 & 9 being something else) my answer had shocked him because I could see from his expression he was amazed…. his reply to me was “How in the world do you KNOW THAT?” My 12 year old self said something like, “I don’t KNOW Dad, its just belief at this moment.”

I have recently gone through journals I used to write when I was in my teenage years 14, 15, and the profound knowledge I had, even me reading it now as an adult astounds me, that I had all the teachings and the knowledge within me then. I just didn’t know they were spiritual teachings because I hadn’t learnt what else was out there. It to me was just my opinion, it was only when I had the teachings of masters to compare it with that I realised the profoundness of my youth. Living with what the doctors would say was a DIS-EASE had made me the most enlightened teenager. I saw the bigger picture of everything and was so grateful for every little detail.

I feel in this lifetime and i’m only 33 now, that I have lived already 5 lifetimes worth of lessons and teachings. Each part of my life has been so EPIC! I could tell such stories of such lessons learned and now that I am finding my language and embodying my purpose these stories will be shared.

You will heal yourself effortlessly by living your life’s purpose and listening to your body, knowing yourself and working with both your ego and your soul for human awareness and total alignment.

Yes that is correct I believe we are to be both as thankful to the ego as to the soul and know when to listen to them both to be in full alignment. I do not believe it is what we as humans are working towards to be all soul and no ego. Running away from the ego pretending it is not there and being in spiritual “enlightened” state 24/7 is not realistic or in my belief wise. When you know your ego, listen to its teachings and realise its go to behaviours then there is space, there is choice. Its in that space in between that I find all knowing. Listening to the ego and to the soul and being at perfect balance in between the both of them, an all rounded REAL, AUTHENTIC, human, with emotions, challenges, highs, lows and being open to learning as if you are always hearing something for the first time.

This is what it means when spiritual masters tell you to look within, go within to find enlightenment. It is to KNOW and LOVE the ego. To have a self awareness muscle so strong that you are constantly (or as much as possible) in the space in-between. So many assume in spirituality the ego is “BAD” let ego go! The more you try to let it go (associate it with being bad) and turn away from it, the louder it gets. The ego is part of you, it is divine in itself, it is teaching you just as much wisdom as your soul is and it is very strange to turn our backs to any part of us. For we are fully divine in all expression. My shadow self as I would call it in shamanic terms, the ego as we use a lot, negativity, low vibrations all of those “BAD” things have been my very most important teachers.

When we have Angels to guide the soul and Entities to teach the ego and we learn and listen to them both we are sacred, we become a full circle of both sides. We are then embodying sacred geometry and living in the harmony with our energetic world. A circle is the very basis of scared geometry it is the circle and the cube for me that I work with the most. I am the circle and the cube is how I direct and move energy. 

Committed to healing all aspects of human life, for a better existence.

“You have a choice in each moment, don’t let your programming run your life but choose your own mood and become empowered.”