Shamanic Healing

Peruvian Archetypes Shamanic Healing
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Shamanic healing can heal any aspect of your life because it works with your subconscious programming. Whether that is money issues, a health condition, stress and anxiety or relationships. We can uncover the programming and the cause to why this is blocking your life. Using powerful healing techniques and ancient knowledge learnt from Inca decedents the Q’ero people.

The power of this healing is held by their ancestors and strong lineage. It is designed to release stored trauma and suppressed emotions from the body, as this is often what is causing anxiety and disease.

Shamanic Healing

This is going to support you by putting a lot of positive energy into your space. Most people leave feeling clearer, fresher, they say they are seeing things different and feel they have stepped into a new them. Please check out the testimonials page for a few more responses.

This treatment is for people who wish to over come blocks and obstacles, patterns and behaviours that are either causing them disease or are holding them back. Mostly things we are not consciously aware of, so the session may bring up things you had no idea were in your own way.

Invest in a step towards your life purpose and the TRUE YOU!

Many people aren’t aware but can have negative or dark energy attach to them. Its very common that most people collect it at some point in life and they are left feeling tired, fatigued and not like themselves. Negative energy removal is always included in your healing if this is what you need. 

Location: Manningtree Essex, CO11.

Plenty of parking, closest train station is Manningtree, which connects to London Liverpool street.

If you have health insurance you may be covered for holistic treatment, check with your provider and ask for a receipt.

I wish I had access to this work 12 years ago, when I kept repeating the same mistakes and feeling like I was trying so hard but going round in circles. If I had been able to do this work on myself then I would have saved 7 years of pain. 

We start with a discussion on what it is that wish to receive healing for, then you are asked to pick a stone, which we then work with. Treatments range from healing old patterns and removing negative blocks to past life healing sessions. Healing’s are always centred around what the individual needs as everyone is different. 

It is now scientifically proven that the cells of the body store memories. We release the stories and the memories out of the body as well as the mind. When you go to therapy and talk about the issue, it may return or still cause disease because the body remembers. We release from the body as well as the mind so that the soul can fully step into its purpose and alignment.

This treatment will literally unwind you so that you can release the route cause of stress, trauma, pain and illness from the very core. Then the body is free to heal and restore life, leaving you with vitality, comfort and a new sense of being.

We all carry beliefs and behaviours conditions from childhood, things we have been taught, culture and community, sometimes these beliefs cause patterns that are not serving us. This can cause unbalance and in time create disease or illness in parts of the physical body and or mind. Once you decide to do something about confronting these issues and putting your money, time and energy into YOU! Then your ability to manifest and embody the life and person you have always dreamed of becomes a swift reality. I know because I CHOSE ME!