Breath Work

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Breath Work is very intense and powerful. You will be doing what I call shamanic breath for about 30minutes in your session. This will release stored trauma and may bring up lots of suppressed emotions.

You will feel your hands and arms starting to move by themselves and different body parts may feel very strange. I am there to guide and support you through the process with safety and ease. 

These are not done via video call and will only see in person for this work.

It is toatlly safe. You are JUST BREATHING! So YOU are in control the entire time. This is just a very intense exercise for some people. You may find the experience quite mellow and beautiful, you may find you have visions and it amplified colour and sound for you. It can be much like a spiritual awakening for some people. 

This session can be the most extraordinary thing you do in your life. It may be the most profound experience or it may be very tranquil and relaxing. You always get exactly what you need out of these healing sessions. 

This is also something you can continue doing at home for yourself. 

I do advise coming in for the first time. So that any trauma or deeply suppressed emotion and heavy energy can be cleared by myself during your process. 

If you’d like to apply for this session. 

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Healing Session: £66