About fairies

In modern terms, they are the computer programers of the human world

Make a wish in your hand and blow it like fairy dust, high up into the sky outside…… They will hear your thoughts. Know that the light programers are here to help all those with pure intentions…..

The word Fairies and its origin = Fata or Fada meaning enchantment & Fee which is french for magical. Ery meaning place, a fish pond, mound or stone circle which is where they live.

Fairies are being’s of light, they don’t have physical bodies and are pure and filled with love. They do have Ego’s, just like us, because they live here on earth.

Fairies are the angels of nature. They use Primrose & Cowslip to cross between worlds and travel through different dimensions using circles of toad stool’s, mushrooms, or stones.

Fairies always eat raw organic food that has been ripened by the sun. No pesticides, or chemicals. The fairies mission is to increase life force energy. You are always encouraged by the fairies to eat Organic and Local food. Not to use any harmful household products, or cosmetics.

Making a stone circle with smooth stones in your garden, or out in nature lets the fairies know that you respect them. You can even use sparkly, or painted rocks. At dusk and at dawn the fairies will start their parties in the circle, to start and end the day.

Always be respectful of the fairies and ask their permission. You can ask the fairies for help with phobia’s, or fears.

Fairies always value education. They know nobody is perfect and respect us for all that we learn.

Fairies will show children how magic and abilities work. If you hear a child speaking of such things they will probably have been shown by the fairies and what they are saying will be important.

We are here to help them look after mother earth and this beautiful planet.