Used to either bring in or let go
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Despatcho is a very powerful Peruvian ceremony used by Paqo priests as an offering of energy to provide a clear channel to communicate desires with Spirit.

Black Despacho – used to release anything you ask from your life. A good way to move forward with clarity and release anything that no longer serves you. This Despacho will bring up any issues that are effecting you presently to be released and cleansed. This may bring up things from the subconscious that you have forgotten about or just weren’t aware are still effecting you. You can bring with you items that represent things you would like to release, images or written notes. Only bring one item that represents the specific thing, we don’t need 3 items that are all reprinting one issue. Please note: Anything that you bring you will not be getting back.

White Despacho – used to manifest and bring in all that you desire. This may be something material or energetic for you. We must adhere to the law of free will in others. We will ask only for what you wish for in the ceremony and can not ask for someone else to do something for you.  e.g. ask for someone to fall in love with you. We would instead ask to manifest your perfect partner to come to you. You may bring pictures, written notes or items that represent what it is you wish to bring into your life at this time. Please note anything you bring, you will not be getting back.

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