Shamanic Fire Ceremony with Clare J

These are free to attend community events:

We ask everyone brings some food to share for the event. It’s important to shamanic traditions that food is shared after the fire as a celebration of the ceremony and a connection to community. Please bring drums or rattles (we have spares) and outdoor winter clothing. No shamanic experience needed just an open heart and an ability to want to connect.

Discover and practice how to use ancient shamanic wisdom to develop personal awareness and learn to heal yourself on all levels (Emotional, Mental, Physical and Energetic)

You’ll experience an increased and deeper connection to yourself, to nature and therefore to others. This will mean a life of more peace, tranquility and inner knowing – leaving behind stress, insecurity and fear.

There is no pre-requisite to attend the ceremony, apart from a curiosity and openness to inquiry into the nature of existence and self.

What to bring?

  • Please bring two sticks:
    One to represent what you would like to release and surrender – this stick must be plain and undecorated.
    One stick is to be decorated and full of energy; this represents what you would like to ask for and manifest for your journey ahead.

  • Food Share
  • Warm clothing for outside
  • Rattles
  • Drums
  • Any percussion or wind instrument

This work is truly inspired and will fill your very core with more self belief and new found love for the self.

We are embarking on a shift in consciousness and coming together to find inner peace and self worth like never before. Come and meet like minded souls in your local area and feel apart of this beautiful family. Our love and energy is so powerful and together we support each other in progressing in our daily lives.

For a truly inspired ceremony, bring your fears to be released, bring your pain to be purified and bring your soul to shine brightly.


Over the last 9 years Clare has immersed herself deeply in the practice and wisdom of Peruvian Shamanism. Her unique combination of shamanic teachings with counselling, NLP and modern Jungian psychology creates a highly effective healing modality extremely well suited to the western mind.

“The most amazing  experience of learning, expanding and nourishment.  So grateful for Clare and all she gives.”
Liza L. – Suffolk

“Best event I’ve been to relating to Shaman practice – learned a lot.”   
Vicky J. – Suffolk

Manningtree, Essex, East Of England
CO11 2JA

Fire Ceremony Dates 2022:

Full Moon Friday 18th March 5:30pm arrive
Full Moon Saturday 16th April – 5:30pm 
Full Moon Sunday 15th May 5:30pm

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