Shamanic Journey's

Anything that your imagination can conjure has a truth......

All healing is self healing. I always come from the perspective that the body heals itself. We are all self healing being’s. All the healer is there to do is adjust any glitches or anything preventing that from happening. 

In shamanic practice we do a lot of journeys. My explanation of this is going into a dream world or alternate reality. This is where we travel to other worlds, and meet with our teachers. We are told so much wisdom, each world and its experience is for an upgrade, a teaching and to receive wisdom.

These are very sacred experiences and we journey to ask our spirt guides for their teachings and for their help with matters beyond our realm.

In all the guided healing sessions. I take you on a journey within your own mind and imagination. I will take you to a place of healing within your own subconscious mind. The journey itself will be uniquely yours.

This has proven to be very beneficial for insomnia. Those with this issue can continue listening to them before bed to aid their sleep.

Its great for self healing and for manifestation. This healing will align you to shamanic power and initiate you into the energies I work with. For continued and profound results listen regularly, you can find either on podcast or in the Facebook group.

Please listen to this sample manifestation class to get a small taster of what guided shamanic journey’s can be like. 

You can be either laying comfortably or sitting up if you’d prefer and go deep into relaxation and realms you’ve never been before. With the aid of shamanic breath work to get you deeper into your body and to get you the most profound experience. 

Many people say they have struggled with guided meditation before and find that the shamanic journey really magnifies the experience. 

Healing Sessions from: £66 – £1 1 1