Heart IQ Circles

The new way to communicate effectively

What is Heart IQ

IQ stands for intelligence. Simply put a heart circle is lead from feeling rather than thinking. We spend too much of our lives communicating from our heads, at work, in relationships with our children and friends. In today’s society we haven’t left much room for heart felt activities and reasons to come together, dance celebrate and move with our emotions (for some people) they only do these things when consumption of alcohol is involved. 

Alcohol dramatically lowers your vibration, but, on a plus it stops your thinking gets you out of your head. In my opinion people drink because their souls are craving some time in the heart space but we have lost the know how to get there without drugs or alcohol. It really is best to find your way there without poisoning your body, which is your sacred home in this life. 

Heart IQ is the perfect way to spend some quality time in your heart space by raising your vibration. This will have lasting impact on your life. The call of the energy on the planet right now is for more and more humans to find high vibrational heart space and stay there. 

Technicalities of a Heart IQ Circle

The process is that we literally sit in a circe as a group and connect energetically. First we sync up everyones nervous systems and activate the 3 brains (or minds) which are the gut area, the heart and the third eye. 

The work involves expressing how we are feeling through either words, movement or sound. This can be done as individuals or couples or the entire group. 

We explore ourselves honestly and express what ever comes up. Circles will often alchemise shadow parts in us and push us through limiting beliefs or blocks in our own psyche. 

Primarily the circle is teaching you embodied awareness. 

For me this is a practice that is paramount for any human being on the planet right now. It is the new paradigm shift.

The old being that we lived in an illusion of existence with the mind and thoughts being either in the past or the future. The new shift being that we function at our full energised and accelerated selves when we are mostly present and in the now or have elongated periods of time in flow states.

This is the main focus of my circle work.

This is the modern spiritual practice. For me it’s not about being on your own and meditation for 4 hours a day. It’s about being present to life, to you relationships to others, to your job, to your home, your garden and making the practice a living reality. This is what will change your life. I realised that needing to do mediation when I was out of sorts was a plaster, it was either life was horrid or I was alright if I was mediation. The missing link was finding something that I could embody in my life. Then you don’t need to make time to fit in a practice that is checking you out of reality. You can really start LIVING.

This is why it’s so important for me to bring this practice into circle work.

I am a trained Heart IQ circle facilitator and couples coach and currently mentor with the founder of Heart IQ Christian Pankhurt himself. (prodigy of Neale Donald Walsh writer of Conversations with God.)

For me the easiest way to describe this work is an embodied practice of Jungian psychology meets Neale Donald Walsh’s Spiritual Teachings. 

If you are not familiar with Carl Jung he was a psychologist born in 1875 

The elements of Jung’s I bring in, is his use of archetypes at describing our human experience, our behaviours and patters. We can always fit these into archetypes, its become a very useful road map for me in understanding all the parts of us (being human). 

What heart IQ does in the circle is reveal any shadow work that needs to be addressed, anything suppressed or trapped within us will be revealed so it can be cleared and cleansed. This is very effective done in a circle, because it will heal trauma’s. Most, if not all traumas where created in connection (meaning they involved another person) so this method of healing in connection is very profound. Not just for the person in the centre who is working through their shadow but also for those involved witnessing. We all will take healing in some form, from whatever happens in the centre of the heart IQ circle. 

In self development terms the heart IQ circle will stretch you. It will stretch you emotionally and mentally and by that I mean expand your capacity and energetic body to hold MORE. To hold more joy, more life force, more energy. By going into the parts of ourself we have hidden away, it unlocks so much potential in all areas. Its just like going to gym to build muscles, if you do enough exercise they will get bigger. If you break the muscle it will grow back much stronger than it was before. Not that we break anyone in a negative sense of the word. Its more like breaking through limiting beliefs, breaking through barriers holding you back. Being a version of you that you have not experienced before, in a safe and loving environment, is life changing. 

My main keys for circle work are Awareness, Responsibility and Honesty. 


You will heighten your awareness to yourself and to your life. To the thoughts you have in your mind and your habits and how you feel. The purpose of this is without the awareness, nothing changes. Things are hidden in plane sight. You can be looking straight at something but if you don’t have the awareness you will never see what is really there. 

a good story to illustrate this is about a man looking up into space. He saw many stars in a beautiful blue sky and that was lovely but that was it. The next night he spoke to an astrologer, who pointed out planets, constellations, shooting stars, and some human satellites that we have sent up. The next night the man looked up again and instead of seeing just one thing (the stars) he could see many different things, but it was the same sky. Only his awareness had been broadened to what was. 

Next rule of circle is responsibility, I am about taking radical responsibility for the self. This is how we best learn. Most people are still locked in outside in reality. By this I mean that they think their outside world is effecting how they feel on the inside. This is the grand ILLUSION. Because how we feel on the inside is effective and creating our outside reality. That is why the saying GO within or GO WITHOUT is so TRUE. So we always take full responsibility and ask ourselves, who am I blaming, who’s fault do I think it is? What am I not taking responsibility for? We honour ourselves and the parts we play in life. This will teach you so much and get you so very far in your journey to happiness. 

Take responsibility because YOU have created YOUR life. YES ALL of it. You get to take your power back, because if there are bits you don’t like, you can create something else. No one else can make you feel something other than you. This is why awareness comes first. The self awareness thoroughly supports the responsibility and makes it easier to do. 

Finally is Honesty. It is challenging to be completely HONEST with ones self. I know because I spend many years kidding myself, pretending and pushing the truth away. It seems like its an easier choice. It will cause pain in the end. The honestly is about finding the way to LOVE. I see this relative reality with two sides. One side is fear and the other is Love and there’s a whole load of space in between. On the fear side, the energy is tight, it feels like a contraction and a holding on. The love side is expansion, its spacious and open and rounded. This is what honesty creates and this is what honesty feels like. When you find the honesty in words, in thoughts and in yourself, it will diminish any contraction, leaving space, awe and wonder. For me this will create a world that is moving towards LOVE. we have been stuck in the fear and now its time to notice and choose to move into the spaces. 

If you’d like to experience one my heart circles then come along to any of my group events. I hold circle in my shamanic workshop weekends, as part of my sacred cacao Sunday’s and on their own.