Hummingbird. The Shamanic Direction of the North on the Mesa Medicine Wheel.

To Join Hummingbird on the Shamanic Direction of the North, YOU MUST HAVE FIRST COMPLETED THE PREVIOUS 2 DIRECTIONS. Which are, in this order, South & West with Clare J

Are you ready for the North?

If you are in the West, Hummingbird might be now calling you to the North. Some of you might be very relieved to be out of the West. What gifts does Hummingbird have in store for you? This is the direction in which you learn soul retrieval. Hummingbird will have lots for you to do and gift you boundless energy in which to do it…. 

So strap in.

And remember, Hummingbird will be sent to you as soon as you have booked on.

(Guide of what to expect from the rest of the medicine wheel trainings.)
North In Person. 4 day’s Training Including 1 overnight vision quest. (various dates available)
& or
North Online Training – Video Tutorial Study at Home & 1:1 with Clare J to receive Vision Quest Karpay 60mins.

Note: If you attend an in person training you do not need the online 1:1 Karpay with Clare J. This is the option for those unable to travel. 

The rest of the wheel takes on a similar format.

REMEMBER: Once you have booked on any direction, you can do that training as many times as you wish. Students can join in on any previous direction taken and assist the training.

In the North Your Will Learn: 

The North is your opening to the Hummingbird & the Ancestors and their Sacred Wisdom.

Hummingbird – the magic in the mundane. Presence. Joy. Energy. Self Celebration. 

How to Complete a Soul Retrieval

Finding Your Creativity and Growing Your business or whatever you choose to create 

Magic and joy in yourself. How to apply all the wisdom you have learnt so far

Energy, you will be given a boost of energy to complete your dharma 

Celebration and finding a new capacity for more. This is where you break out of your own limitations. 

Genuinely being happy for others, joy in community and support from others. 

(Find your summon the becoming stone) and learn what to do with it. It will bring your power. You blow into it everything that becomes, things that happen to you.

You will complete a Sacred Vision Quest

You will learn about non attachment and manifestation. Using a White Despacho to manifest and call in desires. For you and for others as a healing. 

Power Bag’s For Charging Someones Energy Up

Grandmother medicine and How to Make Your Own

Shamanic Wisdom Guiding You to Your Bliss

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