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Shamanic Healer & Autoimmune Coach

Shamanic Healer

Specialising in:

Autoimmune Disease
Shadow Work Alchemy
Life Coaching & Transformation
Powerful Mesa Healings

I teach people how to become living magic

I don’t really like to use the word healer because it implies people need fixing.
This is not my view. No matter what your symptoms, your body is always focused on coming back to homeostasis. I find out what is in your way, stopping that from happening.
This is often why just one session can irradicate autoimune disease. This certainly was the case for Charlotte and her Fibromialgia. 

“Clare has a very calm and positive approach. I had no idea what to really expect but once the session had finished I instantly felt refreshed, like I had just had the best sleep of my life (even though I wasn’t actually asleep) My knees and one of my hands was completely pain free and one hand definitely not as bad as it was! My mind felt in order like someone had been in there and organised it, I was smiling for no apparent reason and I had forgiven people I never thought I could! 

Once I left I was still a bit sceptical wondering maybe it was because I had just had a really good relax, which is something I don’t usually get. The session was constantly going over in my head, feeling like i’d been to this place she took me to and I was excited to keep going back in my mind! This happens daily. 

The next day I wake up and instantly get up and get ready for the day, I realised that’s not what I do! Its been years since I got up ready and out straight away! Usually the first thing I would do is take my medication and wait about in bed till they had started to work and I could get up without excruciating pain! Today was like i’d never had to do the hanging about in bed before. I’d forgotten I take medication so I hadn’t taken it and I felt on top of the world! A bit of aching in my right hand but nothing that could bring me to take the strong controlled drugs I was on for years! 

Every day gets better the pain in my right hand has gone apart from a bit of aching after a day at work but I am using it a lot more than I used to now so I am just regaining muscle in it. 
I’m happy, i’m energised, my stress levels have significantly reduced, my diary is organised, my head knows what its doing. My children are happier and get a lot more play time out of me.

Just to prove a point I wrote all this by hand without stopping, when before I struggled just to write my signature. To say the least Clare has changed my life and for the better! I could never thank her enough. Highly recommend whether you believe or not, what do you have to loose? I lost nothing apart from the bad things I didn’t need and gained my life back! Thank you Clare from the bottom of my heart!” CLICK HERE to see her letter in full. 

I work both online and in person, for healing, therapy and coaching sessions. 

Shamanic Healing & Therapy

90 Min Shamanic: £130
60 Minute Shamanic: £88
30 Minute Healing: £50

Monthly Development

Life Coaching pm: £555
Autoimmune Alchemy Programme: £2000

Online Programme’s

Soul Retrieval Distant: £50
Money Module: £66
How to Visulaise: £44

In my online session I felt at ease and was able to open up easily, and express my thoughts. I feel my anger has had a big shift since my session. I have felt a sense of calm, which has been a huge progress in my journey. Would definitely recommend. You really understood my issues and helped me see and tell myself that the emotional rollercoaster I am going through is normal, I am not alone, and I am strong enough to accept what has happened in my life. Also, I am the only person in charge of my own happiness

Sarah Jochacy

For those of you that want to get a bit woo woo and are interested in the specifics of the estherical realm and the connections I have.

I have a very strong connection to the earth. To Pachamama and all that grows and resides on this planet. I work with plant spirts, elementals, sacred geometry is the language that nature speaks to me in. This includes our human bodies, to me this is nature intelligence, its living, like plants, flowers trees, air, water, earth, fire.

Next is the four directions, south, west, north, east, the sun and the moon. Each of these have an archetype. south is a serpent, West a jaguar, north hummingbird and east eagle, the sun is great spirit and the moon is Miakoda moon (my soul)

My connection up is with the pleiadians, I connect to a hexagon grid, like a bee hive. Pachakuti often comes in the form of a bat.

The keepers of the worlds

Pachakuti upper world

Quitzikotle middle world

Waska inka lower world

To simplify all of this. These are archetypes and personalities of the same whole. Much like us as humans. We exist in the illusion that we are separate from each other, each with different behaviour and persoanilites but actually we are all one space consciousness.

Like the metaphor of the air in a house. We know its all the same air, its scientific structure never changes, we know that. It would seem to us that the air in the kitchen is different because it smells different and it feels warm. The air in the attic is cold, it feels different and it smells very different, but its the same air. Only appearing to our senses that it is not. For me the spirit realm is the same, there are many archetypes and beings all seeming to have different persoanlities, different roles and purposes but really it is all linked into the same intelligence and it just depends how I am relating to that energy and frequency, how I am perceiving it.

There is so much more to come.

I feel that this is the beginning of our deeper understanding.

Science reveals we are 1% matter in this reality the other 99% is possibly. 99% is the space in-between (thats a lot) we have been identified and living concentrated on the 1% matter for so long. What happens now, when we become aware of the space of the energy and the possibility of the rest of it!

Anything is possible. We are all energy and possibility. What I do is influence and bring awareness to new possibilities in your life.

If you are not aware of something you will never change it. I teach you how to become the master of your own reality.

We are all sorcerers. We are all source energy. We are all creators. If you are not aware of this, you will be under the illusion that the universe is effecting you. This is not so. You are effecting the universe. You are energy experiencing itself.

Your inner world is creating your outer world.

Most people are under the illusion that the outer world is effecting how they feel internally. 

I teach people how to know themselves so much deeper that it free’s them from the stress and overwhelm of life.

I reveal to people things about their lives they wouldn’t normally see. You need to be aware first, then you can change it.

I help people lead stress free lives, by teaching them to understand themselves and others. 

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