Sacred Cocao Circle


Sacred circle is a very empowering event. We will sit in circle, connect honestly to one another, heighten our awareness to the present moment and come alive. We then drink a cup of ceremonial cocao (its like bitter hot chocolate) then meditate and work with whatever arises from the wisdom of the now moment.
Being witnessed and seen in a group is profound. The amplified feild of the circle is used for strengthning the intensions you have come with. It can be used for achieving and manifesting your desires. This group session will get you grounded and call into your vortex what it is that you truly want.

Often group and community work is very healing for insecuritues, healing our shadow selves, healing isolation habits such as addictions. Intensions can be very stong with a group feild so things like, doubling your income, weight loss, pain relief, stress and motivation will be heightened, if done effectively. 

This sacred Cacao is not a stimulant and won’t have a caffine effect like some do, the feeling is very grounding and pure. It’s great for re-align you to the power and potential within you. Leaving you feeling energised, aligned and clear.

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