Serpent. The Shamanic Direction of the South on the Mesa Medicine Wheel.

To Join Serpent on the Shamanic Direction of the South, YOU MUST HAVE FIRST COMPLETED THE GATEWAY with Clare J

Are you ready for the South?

If you have completed the gateway, Serpent might now be calling you to the South. (i.e some of the things described below might already be happening with you.)

This direction starts you on the shamanic medicine wheel. This energy will change your life and put you in the driving seat of creation. This journey will take you to your edges, it will take you to freedom, peace and understanding. But it is not easy. To receive MESA RIGHTS and be allied with this energy is a sacred gift. 

Step into Mystical Shamanic Practitioner on the South! 

And remember, Serpent will be sent to you as soon as you have booked on.

(Guide of what to expect from the rest of the medicine wheel trainings.)
South In Person. 4 day’s Training (various dates available)
& or
South Online Training – Video Tutorial Study at Home &  1:1 with Clare J to receive Mesa Rights 30mins.

Note: If you attend an in person training you do not need the online 1:1 Karpay with Clare J. This is the option for those unable to travel. 

The rest of the wheel takes on a similar format.

REMEMBER: Once you have booked on any direction, you can do that training as many times as you wish. Students can join in on any previous direction taken and assist the training.

What’s in The south?

– 3 months free access to Unity Online Classes, to keep your psychic development at it’s optimum

– Remember you can re-do the South and it’s teachings as many times as you like.

The South is about shedding the past. It is about being able to digest what is.

This direction will bring up anything from your past that needs to be cleared and cleansed. So you you are lighter and brighter. You may get messages from people in your past and things to deal with that have been left behind.

This is about bringing in new patterns and behaviour.

What needs to drop away from your life?

What needs to be shed?

It will also assist physical healing and your physical body.

This is the direction that is preparing you mentally & physically for your journey ahead.

Sylabus and what is covered in the South

You receive MESA rights.

This is a sacred gift that you can now carry the energy from the Inca’s and be allied with their energy and call on the shamanic archetypes for their help.

For this you will need a square piece of cloth. Biggest 1meter by 1meter, you can have it smaller, no smaller than 750cm (can be slightly rectangular too)

Your Mesa will now carry your Sacred Healing Stones Called Khuya’s and you will use these to give healings.

You will learn how to fold and how to keep your MESA sacred.

It will be blessed and initiated with Shamanic Powers and so will you.

You Will Learn How to Give an ILLUMINATION Healing

This is the shamanic healing of the South. For this you will need to find 3 stones or Crystals to represent 3 different healings. These Khuya’s will be kept in your MESA

There is much to learn about shamanic healings.

This is very extensive compared to what is learnt in the gateway.

This is a 90minute to 2 hour healing process.

You will Journey to Serpent to find out more about yourself.

You will learn mirroring and coaching techniques of how to move from your victim to your power.

The south is about realising your stories, your patterns and limiting behaviour, being aware of them and then changing them.

Once you have done this for yourself, you will be better at doing it in healings for others.

How to clear heavy Hucha from yourself and others

How to activate khuya’s

How to use a Shakapa (Shamanic Jungle Rattle)

How to find your first Icaros (sacred song for healing)

How to build a relationship with Energy

How to give a scared offering called a Despacho

The South will take you on journey of self discovery, this is not just a few days training on a course. The energies will hold you in your life and you will be learning and growing EVERYDAY YOU ARE ON THE MEDICINE WHEEL.

Shamanic Wisdom Guiding You to Your Bliss

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