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Charlotte’s hand written letter is AMAZING! She is pain free from previously living with Fibromyalgia for 6 years, after ONE shamanic healing session. Read her letter bellow!  

Charlotte’s beautiful hand written letter is above! If you can’t quite read the text is also typed HERE:
I met Clare before I knew she was a Shamanic Healer and I was intrigued by her positivity. I asked her what it was she done and she explained, so I instantly asked for her help. I have fibromyalgia and suffer chronic full body pain, where the pain was most significant in my hands and knees. I was at my wits end with it as it was making work and home life very difficult for me. Not to mention the brain fog, memory loss, fatigue and depression that also comes with having fibro! Skeptical but willing to try anything to even have a small amount of relief from my daily suffering, just to be able to play with my children more often and be happier to ensure they were happier would mean so much!

Clare booked me in and when I arrived I was quite nervous but it soon went after a couple of minutes talking, as Clare has a very calm and positive approach. I had no idea what to really expect but once the session had finished I instantly felt refreshed, like I had just had the best sleep of my life (even though I wasn’t actually asleep) My knees and one of my hands was completely pain free and one hand definitely not as bad as it was! My mind felt in order like someone had been in there and organised it, I was smiling for no apparent reason and I had forgiven people I never thought I could!

Once I left I was still a bit sceptical wondering maybe it was because I had just had a really good relax, which is something I don’t usually get. The session was constantly going over in my head, feeling like i’d been to this place she took me to and I was excited to keep going back in my mind! This happens daily.

The next day I wake up and instantly get up and get ready for the day, I realised that’s not what I do! Its been years since I got up ready and out straight away! Usually the first thing I would do is take my medication and wait about in bed till they had started to work and I could get up without excruciating pain! Today was like i’d never had to do the hanging about in bed before. I’d forgotten I take medication so I hadn’t taken it and I felt on top of the world! A bit of aching in my right hand but nothing that could bring me to take the strong controlled drugs I was on for years!

Every day gets better the pain in my right hand has gone apart from a bit of aching after a day at work but I am using it a lot more than I used to now so I am just regaining muscle in it.
I’m happy, i’m energised, my stress levels have significantly reduced, my diary is organised, my head knows what its doing. My children are happier and get a lot more play time out of me.

Just to prove a point I wrote all this by hand without stopping, when before I struggled just to write my signature. To say the least Clare has changed my life and for the better! I could never thank her enough. Highly recommend whether you believe or not, what do you have to loose? I lost nothing apart from the bad things I didn’t need and gained my life back! Thank you Clare from the bottom of my heart!

In my online session I felt at ease and was able to open up easily, and express my thoughts. I feel my anger has had a big shift since my session. I have felt a sense of calm, which has been a huge progress in my journey. Would definitely recommend. You really understood my issues and helped me see and tell myself that the emotional rollercoaster I am going through is normal, I am not alone, and I am strong enough to accept what has happened in my life. Also, I am the only person in charge of my own happiness

Sarah Jochacy

Clare was a steady presence throughout the healing. She was intuitive and calming, which let me drop away from fear and allow my shadow to emerge and release the dark energy it had, until then, keep hidden. I let go of an intense knot of terror and grief that, unbeknownst to me, had held me trapped for the whole of this lifetime. Such a relief to discover and release it. If you are thinking of working with her. Do it. She’s intense yet calming, strong yet sensitive, fearless yet tender. She’s in touch with life’s deeper currents and can guide you through their perilous navigation. I hope to work with her again sometime.

Rick Kellum

It was a wonderful and beautiful experience. Clare’s healing was gentle yet powerfully profound. It was very insightful for me helping me break through barriers and bring to light issues I was currently having. Clare listened intently to me throughout the session and her feedback was so very helpful in my understanding of the emotions and feelings felt during the session. My biggest breakthrough has to be connecting to my divine feminine energy. The strong feminine energy felt during my healing session brought to light for me the issues I had with being able to fully connect to this within myself. I would say to someone thinking of working with Clare ‘go for it’ 🙂 Clare is an amazing person who has been on such a journey. A calm, connected and inspiring individual who’s passion beams! Her holding of space is one of love, acceptance and joy.

Holly Bigmore

Thank you. You are really gifted. Deeply connected to Clare. She would feel exactly what needed to be released in my body. I went into a deep hypnotic state and at one point floated just above my body. The experience was profound. A lot of pent up feelings needed to be released from my stomach. Felt light. Grounded. Loved. Like i am seeing differently. 

Alexandra Pilc

Sleeping better and less worried. I’ve stopped giving myself a hard time. Need to connect with consciousness more think less. My thanks for a very powerful session.


Lots of colours red yellow purple blue. Opening of chest area expanding and releasing. Felt like i was standing straighter and more open across chest. Realisation that i do not take issue seriously.

Mr R Patel

Fascinating and i’m so grateful. Clare’s realisation of the “duty” or “role” being fulfilled was helpful afterwards. All senses heightened. Energy felt crisp super sensitive to sound and touch. I felt clearer and lighter. Thank you. 


More aligned. Generally feeling clearer and more positive in my focus. Acknowledging where I am is enabling me to process and move through .

Amber Wood

I felt empowered through the session by letting go of what was and coming into my own female power and abundance. Energised and more complete with a strong sense of empowerment and understanding. 

Isabelle Amy

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